Monome Clone conversion kit for the Thinkgeek Bliptronic 5000


This kit allows you to convert your ThinkGeek Bliptronic 5000 synthesizer to a fully working “Arduinome” style open-source Monome Clone controller.

The base Kit includes PCB, FTDI (usb-to-serial) cable, programmed Atmega microcontroller, electronic parts, potentiometers, ribbon cable, connectors, and extensive instructions.(no Arduino needed!)

Tools needed: Soldering iron, solder, screw driver, xacto-blade, and wire strippers (hot glue gun recommended).

2-3 hour building time for an intermediate kit builder. ThinkGeek Bliptronic 5000 not included!


Build instructions: for the Bliptronome Conversion kit

Getting Started: software instructions for the Bliptronome

ArduinoSerial :The bridge driver for Arduinome Monome clones

SourceCode pinout diagram and project notes on the Bliptronic 5000 conversion to a fully compatible Monome Clone: Bliptronome_V3 Firmware

  • Updated for Arduino 1.0 by Sawyer Bernath Jun 21st, 2012

Flipmu : Fabulous resource for the general state of all things Arduinome

FTDI drivers for OS X, Windows and Linux

Mprog Utility Windows software to rename your FTDI cable EEPROM for compatability Pirate Renamer An OS X friendly tool to rename your FTDI cable EEPROM